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To our Elders, who teach us of our creation and our past, so we my preserve mother earth for ancestors yet to come, we are the lands. This is dedicated to our relatives before us thousands of years ago, and the 1,500 million who were exterminated across the western hemisphere in the first four hound years time starting in 1492.

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Location: San Elizario, Tx, United States

My name is David Cantu I live in San Elizario Texas a I am a graduated from San Elizario High School (San Elizario TX) Class of 84. I have received an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology from El Paso Community College in 1989. I have earned a Bachelors’ degree in Career and Technical Teaching from Western New Mexico University in Dec of 2007. I just complete an educational program earning a Master’s Degree in Professional Technical Education at ENMU (Easter New Mexico University 2012). Now I am seeking full time employment in a secondary school systems in Career and Technical education program. I am a simple man who tries to live a simple life, like my ancestors I follow Native American traditions and believes. I do recycle old things whenever possible taking old wood and making something new. I like working with my hands. I have been building my little guest house for the last twenty years, with the entire career changes and continuing my education construction has been slow. I spent two and a half years in New Mexico (Silver City) attending WNMU putting a complete Holt to construction. I cannot wait for the day that I finally can say. “I finished construction”.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

I created several music radio play list on Spotify. Have a listen and send me feedback!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

February 2021

 I know It has been a while; I had not posted a long post in a few weeks. Maybe that is good for most lol. Life is for ever changing and we as the two-legged humans are the ones who must adapt the most, or should I say the ones that really need to learn how to adapt to daily changes. I been working on the inner me, health, and mental emotional setbacks. I started the month off with my daily workouts, then there was change and I had to focus on a few others, and this completely changed my world and my surroundings. Having to do things and care for others was not easy, but it is getting better day by day. I just need to be close by incase I am needed, no long bike rides for a few more weeks. I need to look at March and see where I can fit in a few workouts, might have to do them late at nights or extremely early in the morning as soon as I wake up, while others sleep. I need to continue the self-healing, and self-care as I continue to care and be there for others. I let a few projects on hold, such as the Radio Station and Pot cast. However, the one thing that I have been able to continue is listening and discovering new Music and adding new songs to my collection of music. The goal for March is to try and develop the Pot Cast and Incorporated in the old Indio Raven Blog Web Site which should be updated in the coming days. So, stay tuned as I am still working on life management skills and Balancing my life. I know it seem like I am burying this last update at the end, but I did, and I am still struggling with choices made. However, on a last-minute call I did Sign up for two more years as an elected official and City Representative. In the middle of life changes and Family crisis I did this not in spurt but in prayer and deep thought. I just need to slow down the next few weeks. Did I say slow down, yeah, I just added a few projects to the month of March, but it is all good, because it is all part of healing. Thank you to all that read this far down, and who continue to support and help me with self-healing and in life in general. By the way I am still not ready to go out in public or to visit others yet, I need to stay grounded for a bit longer to take care of Family and the home front. That is all! I am okay physically and but emotionally and mentally I am still working on myself. (to be continued)


Friday, November 09, 2018

2011 A Look Back

Thursday July 5, 2018

Yes going back 7 years, time has gone by so fast as I  Listen to Jimi Hendricks' Electric lady land. As I post in my last update 2010, life was changing and a bigger power was preparing me to the present and the future is coming fast. 

As I go back in time 2011, the third year of grad school and my daily life I have now seen many connections and ironies to where I am now in 2018.  Life is funny that way. If you know me, you will see where this chapter in my life, was a preparation to eight chapters later. As I look back and revise my thought from 2011, I will be making a few present comments as to how things relate and have come to be. If you go back to my post from 2011, some major events took place that I will re-introduce as references to the year. You can always go back and read those full post for more refection.

(Every thing in Italics is present (2018).  Let's get started. 

January started with a few unknowns for what was to come my way, as you recall I was looking into the opportunity to bring more cyclist to San Elizario via the ACA Southern Tier Rout. The relationship with Christina and Maya Sanchez was getting better and close nit, where we would spend more time going over ideas to help with the Historical district. This would be year 2 of my own training for long bicycle ride in 2015.  Well as you can see by now part of our work at the city now has been to continue to work on those plans at a bigger level. 

January 2, 2011 ·
Good Morning, it’s cold outside, having coffee and getting ready for an early morning Sunday Bicycle ride to Clint to attend a Memorial Mass for (+) Rogelio Vargas Sr. I will ride in his memory; I use to see him (my Tio Roy) almost every Sunday outside the church when I rode to Clint. We always had a short conversation and he all ways gave me his blessing as I rode off.

January 4, 2011 ·
Graduate school just got more confusing. I don’t have a course this semester, but I will still be busy preparing for an Education Comprehensive Exam in June 2011, and ASE Re-certification Exams in May 2011. I am off to the library to research what I will have to do, so I can finally Graduate in Summer 2011. Hope I can keep up with all the requirements and meet all deadlines.

This is where things got complicated and I would not complete grad-school until Dec 2012. I would also let all my ASE certification's laps those complicating my opportunists to teach. 

January 5, 2011 ·
Looks like I will not go to Red Paint Powwow in Silver City, NM this year, instead I will have to attend a Comprehension Exam Work Shop in Portales, NM in February, I’m investing my traveling cash into my education lol. However, I might still take a trip to Silver City, NM in spring, maybe a bike ride from Deming, New Mexico to the City of Rocks and into Silver City.

My trip to Portales was not needed as I took some on-line workshops to help with my exam. The bike ride from Deming to Silver city as also was a bust. I was not able to do that due to some other issues. 

January 8, 2011 ·
How ironic and cool is this, I was just watching The Cult on In sessions, A few years ago me and Big John Fernandez use to listen to the Cult every time we were getting ready to go along Harley Run. Today I will ride a Bicycle with some good friends and I got pumped by the Cult. How Cool is that?

This was the First of many Birthday Bicycle rides to Come.  On this day I was joined by Maya and Christine Sanchez (now Perez). 
Distance 19.25 mi | Duration 3:00:00 | 

 Bottom of FormJanuary 10, 2011 
I found out that , the 2011 Red Paint Pow Wow Cancelled. "Regrettably, the decision was made to cancel the Powwow for January, 2011. A press release will be sent out locally and to the surrounding communities. A number of factors played a part in the decision, including the lack of contributions." Red Paint Tribal Council (They have yet to bring back the Powwow to Silver City)

January 18, 2011 ·
Time to polish-up my “Time Management Skills” for 2011, I can’t take courses at ENMU until summer, I can’t take the Comprehensive Education Exam until June. Yes, I am on my own now have to prep for the exam, re-certify,(ASE certification) in May, so what do I do? I enrolled in a Continuing Education course (Home Gardening in El Paso). Need to create an action plan, so I can study, please get my résumé updated.

In February as I continued my studies and training for that long bicycle ride I ventured on different rides and routs.  Read more on one ride posted back in 2011 Under  El Paso Rio Bosque 

March 20, 2011

In March part of the training included climbing hills, well on challenge would be going up to I-10 top of the hill Mamacita's Bar and Grill, with a few friends Jason, Isela Reyes and Chuck Salcido. See photos: 

November 2018: 
I had to stop writing for what I thought would be one or two days, but again life gets in the way. So I will post this much today and get back to the rest of my notes later. I think its better to post in sections rather the try and get the whole year down before I post. 

Walked in to Mom’s Kitchen today and it took me back to my childhood and my visits’ to Tia Perta Alamanzars’ kitchen (house), the smell of fresh homemade tortilla and Chile Colorado in the air took me back 30 years. Thanks mom for great food today.

When I posted this seven years I started to realize and appreciate my mom and her Tia's and Grandmothers for all they thought me. As you read below a shot conversation with on of my cousins:

Gloria Guerra "It's funny.....when we were small we never gave it thought....this was our lifes,we'd come home from school, work...and there was ALWAYS!!!, homemade tortillas, beans chile colorado ......kool-aid, fresh squeeze lemonade....NOW the question we ask .''O.K. where do you want to go eat"....we have to stop and think that we SHOULD leave some of the LOVE too......"

Me: "You are right coming home from school, we always had something to look forward to, I remember when Tia Paubla (Your Grandma) would come to the house to use my mom's oven to bake bread. I am thankful that I still have Tia's that make good food and have shown me how to cook."

Yes many years late most recently after my Mom was called home to the spirit world, do I undersand that good food will always be hard to find. These days I try and make some of those dishes to the best of my ability to keep it traditional. 

 April 2011

This was the year I was first contacted by a cross county Cyclist (conversation and events as follows and a briff post with photos was posted back in 2011)  

 April 17, 2011 ·
Just heard from Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride rep, he said they should be in El Paso sometime this afternoon, and start the ride to Del Rio Monday am, I will do my best to escort them through El Paso as far as Fabens. I'll keep you all posted.

To, David Cantu
From: Allen
Sent: Sun 4/17/11 9:37 PM
We will be leaving El Paso from the corner of Texas 76 and Lee Travino Blvd at about 8AM. Hope to see you!

April 18, 2011
Just got home a about 1/2 a hour ago, I had a nice Ride to Fabens from Clint on Northloop with Jason Rogers from Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride, he will be going through TX the next few days, Jason asked if I had friends in Austin, TX, they hope to have some more friends join them as they get to Austin so Family be on the lookout for him.

Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride published a note.
Day 9
By Jason A Rogers on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 10:41pm

Day 9. We're in Van Horn, Texas. Found a nice hotel and had dinner at the El Capitan. Very good and filling. I rode 130 miles today for a total of 1,015 miles in 9 days. We met David Cantu of El Paso and he rode with me for nearly 10 miles. What a nice guy! I had a strong tail wind for most of the ride and was flying down I-10! Yep. You can ride your bike on the Interstate in Texas. Tomorrow we head for Del Rio, Texas.

More on 2011 to be continued: