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2011 A Look Back

Thursday July 5, 2018

Yes going back 7 years, time has gone by so fast as I  Listen to Jimi Hendricks' Electric lady land. As I post in my last update 2010, life was changing and a bigger power was preparing me to the present and the future is coming fast. 

As I go back in time 2011, the third year of grad school and my daily life I have now seen many connections and ironies to where I am now in 2018.  Life is funny that way. If you know me, you will see where this chapter in my life, was a preparation to eight chapters later. As I look back and revise my thought from 2011, I will be making a few present comments as to how things relate and have come to be. If you go back to my post from 2011, some major events took place that I will re-introduce as references to the year. You can always go back and read those full post for more refection.

(Every thing in Italics is present (2018).  Let's get started. 

January started with a few unknowns for what was to come my way, as you recall I was looking into the opportunity to bring more cyclist to San Elizario via the ACA Southern Tier Rout. The relationship with Christina and Maya Sanchez was getting better and close nit, where we would spend more time going over ideas to help with the Historical district. This would be year 2 of my own training for long bicycle ride in 2015.  Well as you can see by now part of our work at the city now has been to continue to work on those plans at a bigger level. 

January 2, 2011 ·
Good Morning, it’s cold outside, having coffee and getting ready for an early morning Sunday Bicycle ride to Clint to attend a Memorial Mass for (+) Rogelio Vargas Sr. I will ride in his memory; I use to see him (my Tio Roy) almost every Sunday outside the church when I rode to Clint. We always had a short conversation and he all ways gave me his blessing as I rode off.

January 4, 2011 ·
Graduate school just got more confusing. I don’t have a course this semester, but I will still be busy preparing for an Education Comprehensive Exam in June 2011, and ASE Re-certification Exams in May 2011. I am off to the library to research what I will have to do, so I can finally Graduate in Summer 2011. Hope I can keep up with all the requirements and meet all deadlines.

This is where things got complicated and I would not complete grad-school until Dec 2012. I would also let all my ASE certification's laps those complicating my opportunists to teach. 

January 5, 2011 ·
Looks like I will not go to Red Paint Powwow in Silver City, NM this year, instead I will have to attend a Comprehension Exam Work Shop in Portales, NM in February, I’m investing my traveling cash into my education lol. However, I might still take a trip to Silver City, NM in spring, maybe a bike ride from Deming, New Mexico to the City of Rocks and into Silver City.

My trip to Portales was not needed as I took some on-line workshops to help with my exam. The bike ride from Deming to Silver city as also was a bust. I was not able to do that due to some other issues. 

January 8, 2011 ·
How ironic and cool is this, I was just watching The Cult on In sessions, A few years ago me and Big John Fernandez use to listen to the Cult every time we were getting ready to go along Harley Run. Today I will ride a Bicycle with some good friends and I got pumped by the Cult. How Cool is that?

This was the First of many Birthday Bicycle rides to Come.  On this day I was joined by Maya and Christine Sanchez (now Perez). 
Distance 19.25 mi | Duration 3:00:00 | 

 Bottom of FormJanuary 10, 2011 
I found out that , the 2011 Red Paint Pow Wow Cancelled. "Regrettably, the decision was made to cancel the Powwow for January, 2011. A press release will be sent out locally and to the surrounding communities. A number of factors played a part in the decision, including the lack of contributions." Red Paint Tribal Council (They have yet to bring back the Powwow to Silver City)

January 18, 2011 ·
Time to polish-up my “Time Management Skills” for 2011, I can’t take courses at ENMU until summer, I can’t take the Comprehensive Education Exam until June. Yes, I am on my own now have to prep for the exam, re-certify,(ASE certification) in May, so what do I do? I enrolled in a Continuing Education course (Home Gardening in El Paso). Need to create an action plan, so I can study, please get my résumé updated.

In February as I continued my studies and training for that long bicycle ride I ventured on different rides and routs.  Read more on one ride posted back in 2011 Under  El Paso Rio Bosque 

March 20, 2011

In March part of the training included climbing hills, well on challenge would be going up to I-10 top of the hill Mamacita's Bar and Grill, with a few friends Jason, Isela Reyes and Chuck Salcido. See photos: 

November 2018: 
I had to stop writing for what I thought would be one or two days, but again life gets in the way. So I will post this much today and get back to the rest of my notes later. I think its better to post in sections rather the try and get the whole year down before I post. 

Walked in to Mom’s Kitchen today and it took me back to my childhood and my visits’ to Tia Perta Alamanzars’ kitchen (house), the smell of fresh homemade tortilla and Chile Colorado in the air took me back 30 years. Thanks mom for great food today.

When I posted this seven years I started to realize and appreciate my mom and her Tia's and Grandmothers for all they thought me. As you read below a shot conversation with on of my cousins:

Gloria Guerra "It's funny.....when we were small we never gave it thought....this was our lifes,we'd come home from school, work...and there was ALWAYS!!!, homemade tortillas, beans chile colorado ......kool-aid, fresh squeeze lemonade....NOW the question we ask .''O.K. where do you want to go eat"....we have to stop and think that we SHOULD leave some of the LOVE too......"

Me: "You are right coming home from school, we always had something to look forward to, I remember when Tia Paubla (Your Grandma) would come to the house to use my mom's oven to bake bread. I am thankful that I still have Tia's that make good food and have shown me how to cook."

Yes many years late most recently after my Mom was called home to the spirit world, do I undersand that good food will always be hard to find. These days I try and make some of those dishes to the best of my ability to keep it traditional. 

 April 2011

This was the year I was first contacted by a cross county Cyclist (conversation and events as follows and a briff post with photos was posted back in 2011)  

 April 17, 2011 ·
Just heard from Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride rep, he said they should be in El Paso sometime this afternoon, and start the ride to Del Rio Monday am, I will do my best to escort them through El Paso as far as Fabens. I'll keep you all posted.

To, David Cantu
From: Allen
Sent: Sun 4/17/11 9:37 PM
We will be leaving El Paso from the corner of Texas 76 and Lee Travino Blvd at about 8AM. Hope to see you!

April 18, 2011
Just got home a about 1/2 a hour ago, I had a nice Ride to Fabens from Clint on Northloop with Jason Rogers from Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride, he will be going through TX the next few days, Jason asked if I had friends in Austin, TX, they hope to have some more friends join them as they get to Austin so Family be on the lookout for him.

Coast 2 Coast Warrior Ride published a note.
Day 9
By Jason A Rogers on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 10:41pm

Day 9. We're in Van Horn, Texas. Found a nice hotel and had dinner at the El Capitan. Very good and filling. I rode 130 miles today for a total of 1,015 miles in 9 days. We met David Cantu of El Paso and he rode with me for nearly 10 miles. What a nice guy! I had a strong tail wind for most of the ride and was flying down I-10! Yep. You can ride your bike on the Interstate in Texas. Tomorrow we head for Del Rio, Texas.

More on 2011 to be continued: 

Sunday, January 07, 2018

A year in review 2010 part 2 (August-December)

As I go back in time 2010, the second year of grad school and my daily life I have now seen many connections and ironies to where I am now in 2018.  Sitting here listening to Music (Singing Wire) and thinking of years gone by, one thing remains the same. Life is funny that way. If you know me, you will see where this chapter in my life, was a preparation to seven chapters later. As I look back and revise my thought from 2010, I will be making a few present comments as to how things relate and have come to be. Let’s get started.

August every year I look forward to dancing as a matachine, as years went by there was some changes and they started to happen in 2010.

August 1, 2010
As I had been starting a training plan for a 600 mile ride on my bicycle at the age of fifty,2010 was he begging of that journey that will later be shared as I continue to update this blog

Today I fix the issue with my bike's gears they were not working, I had not used them after I came back from Silver City and they became stuck due to dust, moisture (rain) & heat. I clean them and they were working last night. I will test them out today and try to remember to use them often, maybe I had to find some hills to climb, San Eli, Clint and Socorro are flat. 

I took a 10.37 mile bike ride. Today was a good this ride, I did some off road riding. Behind the Rebote Bar, down the ditch to the Licon's little zoo, and back out to Glorietta. The cotton fields are starting to bloom; I also saw a few ducks, and some white cranes. I still need to fine tune the gears by making a few adjustments, but they worked ok, just have to use them more often. 

August 3, 2010
I just check my grades for summer: PTE Assessment/Evaluation (B), this professor is by the book on APA, and that is where I struggled. SPED; Learning Disabilities, Theory/Practice (A). This was a challenge, but it was good I learned a lot about learning Disabilities. Thanks to all you who encouraged, supported, motivated me. Special thanks to Christine Sanchez for helping  me with my papers. (Now, know as Christina Perez

August 6, 2010  
It's going to be a spiritual next few days, It's that time of year again (Dancing Days), This year I will dedicate the dancing in memory those individuals we lost this past year. Chee-ee, Marie Guadalupe Lujan Lucero, Selina Gomez, Rogelio Vargas Sr. Esmael Ramirez, and Danny Trevizo, who always told me he liked to see me dance. Just to name a few, and as always to honor our ancestors.

 (2010 was a good year for dancing as Chrisina Perez was my partner once again, she has always been a good dance partner, with lots of energy in prayer, sad that it was one of the last time we would danced together, this is part of that change I had to go through,, but life and creator will put us back in the same Cudro one day we will dance in prayer together again) Top of FormBottom of Form

August 8, 2010  
Just got home a little while, had a good evening and night of dancing very spiritual, and energizing, A little tired but it's a good kind of tired. Wow, it's 2 am and I am wired will try to sleep, tomorrow we will dance again. 
August 9, 2010
Slow start today after a night of Dancing, still have a 3-mile dance later @ 3: am, and then dancing on Tuesday @ 6 pm. Today I will try to take it easy, but there is some yard clean that has to be done today, it will be a busy rest of the month, Soto Family Reunion is almost here. We are getting the yard ready for Family Fun day.

August 10, 2010
Just got home about 45 minutes ago, from another night of Dancing. Can you believe that with only two hours of sleep, this morning I am not as tired as the years passed. I always think of August 10 as the end of the year, and a new year begins. Thanks to all dance members and families for the energy and inspiration. Sorry I do not have photos.

Okay, I think I got at least two hours of sleep, having coffee and getting ready to dance some more today. Creator, thank you for another day, give me the strength to continue to follow traditions and ceremonies, and to dance.

August 18, 2010
First day of fall 2010 Semester @ ENMU, Only taking One Course this semester EDAD 560 School Law. Maybe this semester I will not be so busy. Well, I off to the EPCC library to use their wifi and to get away from all these distractions at home (yard/work).

August 27, 2010 ·
Friday wow time is moving fast, today it is off to the library again having trouble with my School Law Course, I need to learn about the law and the constitution, something I never understood, before I complete my assignment. So If I start talking like a Lawyer please understand why. (Sidebar (note) I did learn a few things and today (2018) as an Elected official I am learning about municipal law. See the irony and connections.)
Talk about strange things in my life as I was at the library today a lady walks up to me and gives me a hug. She asks me “how have been”, then says “I be right back so we can talk” and she never returned. Who was that lady, familiar face from Clint, TX., but cannot recall who she was. Now I will be wounding all weekend, (2018 and I never saw her again to date)
August 28, 2010
Okay, now I have something to do this afternoon, somehow I messed up my assignment that is due tonight. I thought I had saved the changes I worked on yesterday,  I just checked it before I was going to submit it only to see that my changes did not save; now I have to do this over before midnight.

Yes, it I was disappointment that I had to redo it.  But it is completed now, submitted and glad it is over. I think it happened when I got distracted yesterday afternoon.

August 31, 2010
It's been a good day, Had a surprise Visit from my little brother Johnny Cantu, we  just hang out trying to work on stuff for the Family Reunion, He got us lunch, Tacos de Langue, Fluatas rice and beans, Thanks to my Mom, I like when we have family visits good food and quality time. I think the Soto Family reunion is starting early this year, 

September 1, 2010 ·
I woke up to the sounds of shotgun’s blasting in the distant close to the Rio Grande, Oh, it’s day one of Dove/Quail Hunting season and many hunters still go to the river I hope border patrol, and Mexican cartels are not getting confuse and start shooting at each other.

Had a very productive day, Thank to my Family (The Soto's) who showed up to clean chairs and Johnny put tables together you all did a great job. Oh yeah, we can work together and have fun at the same time. Tomorrow we will work on more stuff, set up the temporary outdoor kitchen and put more tarps for shade, and yes mow the lawn, getting closer to Sept 4.

September 2, 2010 ·
Today my brother is on his way back home to Huston, he could not stay for the Soto Family reunion, due to other engagements. However, it was good to spend some time with him, although it was working, but that is what we do best we get things do (the Cantú way). Hope to join him on one of his adventures someday. Well, time to start the day, more preparations for the Reunion and more family members on their way.
Today was another day of work and good times with my Mom's side of the family (The Soto’s), a lot to do but we will get it done. Tomorrow we will have more help and yet more quality time. Puro Fun & Laughter as my Friend Ruben Guaderrama from The Blazers use to tell me. 

 Top of Fo
September 6, 2010 ·
Good night to all, it has been a long summer and this weekend was very successful, Hanging out with La Familia Soto was fun. (Looking forward to seeing family photos on the web page). It was good to see my primos from California, and the Arizona kids again, and all you primos who live here in town, some of whom I had not seen in over ten years. Let us do it again at least once a year. (That was the beginning  of seven more reunions we did not have one in 2017 more on that in a future blog) 

September 13, 2010 ·
School Law Course is interesting. This week's dissection: "Ronald McDonald asks if he might come to your K-3 building (you are the principal) to conduct a 35 minute assembly for the students. The assembly will include magic and a discussion of bicycle safety. What?" I guess most of you know what I have to say to this. Being an educator is not so easy.

 (Well, that McDonalds thing I can never get off my agenda, I don’t like it at all, and now as an elected official I am asked if McDonalds is coming to San Elizario. I hope not! However, 2017 I did visit a few school campuses and talked to students about bicycle safety) 

September 15, 2010
I woke up today thinking of my friend Cynthia, (from Dallas, I think she still lives there lost contact info).  She is descended of Cynthia Ann Parker. I am sending out some thoughts and prayers her way and I know she has done the same for me, I can feel her close to my heart. I know one day I will see her again.

September 16, 2010
I just submitted assignment #3 for my "School Law" course, not sure what I read all week, but the assignments are getting more and more difficult. At least I have a few days off before I start the next assignment. 

September 27, 2010
Monday morning is almost gone and October is few days way, time to get motivated for the fall: School, workouts, yard work, burn some firewood (small bonfire), finish and start small projects, work on dance regalia, start looking for possible employment in the education field, and the list keeps getting bigger. I now should have more time for family and friends. Life is good and I have been blessed, I cannot complain.

October 3, 2010
Today I took a 15.38 mile bike ride. It was nice, it started out sunny, then I had rain on mile marker (59) about on the 8 miles, on the way back all the way home, rain and mud, but it's all good. I saw a few red tail hawks, and some ducks.

October 8, 2010
I have submitted my last assignment for the semester now I just have to wait until Sunday Midnight for a final to be posted. Thank you Paty Marquez and Laura Krol for your help and support all semester, you are true educators, Laura you always make time from your busy schedule to help me out. Thanks you so much and congratulations on all your accomplishments. (Your master’s degree) I am almost there myself.
I just submitted assignment #7 for my 'School Law' course. Now I have a few days to relax and take a break from reading cases on school law. "Fall Break: Fall Break is Monday, Oct. 11- Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010. Classes are canceled at ENMU.

October 10, 2010

I took a 10.11 mile bike ride today. It was a nice ride Time and distances stats may be off, took some time to visit family in Clint and in San Eli. Okay, so I did 10 miles not as short as I wanted to but I was by myself so I took the so detours. I stop by to visit a couple of Tia’s and a my primo Manado Vargas, who was BBQ’ing and of course watching football.

October 15, 2010  

 I have been offline all day, I substituted at the high school today it has been a long time that I had not worked. All went well, but it seems students are not motivated to learn or just going through the motions at this school, some have and I do not care attitude. For now all I can do is try, I really need my own classroom so I can make changes. (I saw a change in the student's starting in 2012 and this last year 2017 as I visited the campus the students we eager to learn, We have great Teachers, Administrators and Support staff in our community. More to come as I update the Blog on a more regular schedule.)  
Top of Form
Bottom of For(I am adding a few comments I got that day)

Judi Cantu “Being an effective Teacher is a gift. Thank God, I had some awesome ones; they are this that brought the best out of me. Wish you the Best :)”

Paty Varela “You are a great teacher... pero es verdad u do need Ur own so u can structure it like u want it 1f642:) echale ganas”

Diana S. Cantu “High School is the time when kids try to push the envelope. We, the teachers try to find their niche and that is where we begin to motivate. Meanwhile, having your own classroom, setting your own rules, rewards, and consequence (Harry Wong - First Day of School.”  

Genevieve MacFall “Remember that teens are bored and don't know what to do with them they need to be motivated otherwise, they fall by the wayside. I know u want them to do well, but some are going to be bums, others alcoholics and others criminals so remember that there are some good kids the future doctors and such so do it for them.”

October 17, 2010 ·
I submitted my assignment #8, (Individuals with disabilities), It was a challenging Chapter and still a lot to learn on this subject. Hat’s off to all the special education teachers out there! Now some “me time”, music & coffee outdoors and get ready for a bicycle ride. I had a nice dinner, pork chops and homemade fries. I got to spend a couple of hours with my folks and Tio Ramiro, who dropped by on his way back to San Antonio, from Calif. Funny thing My dad called Tio Henry just to see what he was doing, my dad and Tio had some fun on the phone just like when they were younger. It was a nice evening I left them now they are watching 'House' and falling asleep on the couch.

October 18, 2010
I enjoyed the morning, taking time to spend with family, had breakfast with Tio Ramiro and my folks, just kicking back at home, not sure what the rest of the day will bring. 

The end of another great day, can you believe I did not do any work around the house. Spend the day with my Dad and Tio Ramiro. We had a few other visitors stop by this morning to see Tio Ramiro, some good food and I even had to see some MLB (Rangers). However, I do feel somewhat tired. My body feels sluggish when I do not work. Now I hope I am not too restless that I have a hard time sleeping.

October 23, 2010

Okay, it’s about 2 pm, I'm having a difficult time with this assignment, requires some deep thoughts, Professor: “Putting it all together, think through the following scenarios and determine what you believe the court would rule based on your understanding of tort liability in the schools.” Dilemma, do I sit here at the library and think over the cases or go home and work on the assignment I can use a distraction right now. 
” Me: Okay, Six different scenarios that could have different results as I read them I Am thinking to myself. What were these teachers thinking? Professor: “Use examples/evidence from Essex, the PowerPoint, audio conversations and legal terms…I am looking for some legal/judicial reasoning on your part.” Guess what, there was no power point due to technical issues on the professor’s part. Think I had better go home and work from there, because I am getting nowhere. This is due on Wednesday so I can take some time to think about my answer. 

October 26, 2010
I just submitted assignment #9 for my 'School Law' Course. This course is getting more difficult and challenging as we proceed. So much to learn my hat goes off to those who are working as principals and administrators of education programs. School law is very difficult to understand. I will take a day to review what I am learning and proceed with the next assignment with an open mind.

October 26, 2010
(Here is one of those messages from 2010 that are now related to 2018 as in life things happen for a reason.) 

Maya Sanchez write: “David! I hate to ask this of you but I just received an email about a meeting tonight at 6:30 that I have to attend because I am a volunteer so could we meet at 7:30 tonight instead? I guess this is what happens when you get involved right? ” 

Me “Sure, that is cool, I understand, that gives me time to get home and have dinner before we meet. See you at 7:30.” 

( Well 8 years later this type of conversations still continues, only now as Mayor Sanchez and Alderperson Cantu. Background to the above conversation, see back in 2010 Maya, Chistina (Perez) and I were trying to work out plans for the Historic District and Mission Trail here in San Elizario, at the time unincorporated. They were working on arts, culture, and history while I was looking at bringing in cross county raveling cyclist to the area. I had found out that there was a bike rout that goes not to far here called the ACA southern tier. Yes, I was already working on a plan back in 2010. The irony is that at that time neither Maya or I would have thought about politics, never the less run for office. That all changed in 2013-2014. You can read more about that story in an earlier post in my blog. Christina had moved back to Dallas by 2013 otherwise she would have been part of all he change in San Elizario. Look at us now moving forward with our plan yes, but at a bigger level and much more support.) 

October 30, 2010

Today I took a 7.54 mile bike ride. I just got back at about 5:35 from a ride to Socorro TX. Red & Green Chile War Fiesta spend about 1/2 HR. Visiting with Maya Sanchez and Christine Sanchez, who are volunteering at the soda pop stand. It is always good to see them having a fun time at whatever they do. Planning to take a bike ride to the mission valley with them soon.

November 2, 2010 ·
Good day to all! Hey, I feel better today, lots of energy wow, I figured out what was wrong or had me off balance yesterday. I did not take my daily medication of Music until after five Pm. Woke up today put the music on did a workout and now I am ready to take on the day. Off to the library, but first get some batteries for my dead mouse. (Now Playing Walk by Pantara)

November 5, 2010 ·
Feels like I hit a brick wall as I work on the last few essay questions for assignment # 10 for my course. These questions require some deep thoughts and additional research, so I will go home to find some food to eat. Clean out the fire-pit, so I can start a campfire tonight, put on some music and relaxes to end the day. Tomorrow I can start fresh on this part of the assignment.
November 7, 2010 ·

I took a 9.46 mile bike ride today.  Fall is here the trees changing colors and there is cotton everywhere in the fields and along the side of the road. Today I stop to Visit my Grandmother’s (Soto) grave site. Oh yeah, I almost ran over a crazy dog who got in front of me, good thing my brakes work and there was no traffic.

Today I submitted my assignment # 10 for my course. This week's topic was Teachers Freedoms, very challenging topic and I did learn a few things I will be able to use in the future. Now I have a few days before the next assignment some time for me,

November 12, 2010 ·
Wow, just received Assignment 11, Have to read two chapters, answer some questions, and two discussion questions. I also have to find time to review for my ASE recertification test next Thursday (Nov. 18). It is going to be a long week coming up, I am glad I have a fun ride planned for Sunday, then its crunch time.
Just got home, went to say goodbye to a good friend (an elder from San Eli) and pay my respects and condolences to the family. I am listening to Janis Joplin and making blackberry tea, I just want to listen to music and have my tea.

November 14, 2010

Good morning well, it's time to get ready for the Mission Valley Bicycle ride You all (in the El Paso area) still have time to join me if you’re interested. Meet me at Ysleta Mission area between nine & 10 am. Plan to start the ride at 10 am. Alternatively, if you live along the trail, join us as we pass by your part of town. My ride will be a round trip to Ysleta and back to San Eli. (That ride was 18.63 miles, the riding time about 1 hour and 45 min. It was a tour ride with multiple stops along the Mission Valley Trail.

November 19, 2010

Today was a different work out a 1.72 mile run. It was a good run considering I had not run in about four months, thus the short distance and slow time. You know it will be a good jog when the first thing you hear on your earphones is “Grass fires my DNA needs some THC’s”, oh yeah had some good music today from Boggy Malone, Norther Creed and Yellowhammer.

November 21, 2010
 Today I did a 11.70 mile bike ride, as I was riding  I saw some friends on their Harley's head to Clint and as I pulled up to my Friend Charlie Gonzales’s house I saw all the Harley's lined up, they were getting ready to deliver some turkey baskets to some needy people in the Lower Valley area. I was asked to join. Good bunch of people doing a good deed. I handed out with them for about an hour. (Another Moment in time in 2017 we celebrated 10 years of Clint Fallen Heroes Turkey Run)

November 23, 2010
I have just submitted assignment #11, Topics Discrimination in Employment and Recruitment, Tenure, Dismissal, and Due Process. Confusing information, I learned that an employer in most states could terminate an employee at will, for "good cause", bad cause or no cause. After this, I had better do a good job over the next few days working at home or I will have to fire myself.

December 5, 2010  
Change of plans for today, Staying home, my sister Bibi and the kids, (Jessica, Jazmin, and Joe), are coming to San Eli to visit for the day, I missed them the last they came down because I was having fun on the mission trail. Today I will say home and spend time with them; schoolwork can wait for a day well at least a few hour. 

December 10, 2010 ·
At Home have a weird feeling again, want to go somewhere , but do not feel like being around crowds, I'll fight the temptations by listening to music and having some Navajo Tea, instead. Now playing Willie and Lobo.

December 11, 2010 ·
Woke up still not feeling right feels like something is missing, Must be the time of year, or waiting for the last assignment of the semester, so I can move forward. Listing to music always helps me, let us see if I can shake this feeling, with music and working on small projects, doing some work outside, and maybe I will visit a friend or two later today.

December 12, 2010

Today I took a 11.66 mile bike ride. The actual riding time was about 1hr 20 min. We went to go eat brunch at Mamacita's up the hill off the freeway,(in a vehicle), and then I head back to San Eli about 1:23 pm, It is a nice ride through the pecan farms in Clint, lots to see. Next time, maybe ride up the hill to Mamacita’s to eat, good little restaurant.

December 13, 2010
I just finished my Final 85 questions about school law.  Now I have a few days to clear my head, before I can start updating my resume, and start a job search, I can't take any courses in spring (I think I take some type of self-improvement course, just to keep the routine or maybe some guitar lessons,  my last course for my master's will be in Summer 2011.

December 23, 2010
Highlight of the day, as I was working outside digging up tree stumps, about 2:30 pm my little niece Grace (2yrs old) brought me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so I could take a break and get some energy to continue working. She is so cute and takes care of Uncle David.

December 24, 2010 

Spend the afternoon running around the yard with my niece Grace, she had me running back and forth, round and round. I just lit luminarias for my mom, still does not feel like Christmas Eve, someone and something is missing, my sister Patsy Cantu was not able to make it to San Eli, and so I have no Cookies or pies for my coffee. 

December 26, 2010 ·

I took a 16.35 mile bike ride, it was a nice ride, quite some traffic, but not too bad for the day after a holiday, I made it to Cuadrilla today and then head back to San Eli via Texas 20 (Alameda) down to Rosa Rd. I saw two different Falcons one on Alameda by Rancho de San Lorenzo, where I also saw some deer, and one in San Eli by the cemetery on Thomson Rd. It was very cool today as I was riding and listen to a tape of Singing Wire.

December 28, 2010 

Last night we got a surprise visit from Patsy Cantu did not know she was coming, it's good to see my sister, sad part my other sister Rosemary Cantu and my niece Grace Left early this morning at 6am. There are eight of us siblings and we can never seem to all be in one place together, but it is all good when we can see each other even if it is for a few hours.

So as you can see not much has changed over the years, 2010 was busy learning and preparing for an unknown 2013-14. I will do my best to get all cough up on my crazy life and fill you in on the last few years.  I have been thinking of taking some of the papers I wrote for WNMU and ENMU and publishing them here.For now have a good year 2018,